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Policy Priorities

Below you'll find a list of policy priorities that we care strongly about.

1. A revitalised local economy

  • Becoming NSW's premier city to conduct business
  • Creating a safe and vibrant night-time economy
  • Helping small and local businesses emerge from the pandemic

2. A thriving community

  • Community interaction and spirit through better use of community centres and more local events
  • Civic engagement through supporting local clubs, groups and initiatives
  • Secure local jobs through Council-led initiatives
  • In line with the Uluru Statement from the Heart, greater recognition of the contribution to North Sydney of our indigenous heritage and culture
  • Increased protection and educational signage for indigenous historical sites and artefacts
  • We are proud to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart

3. A healthy environment

  • Energy efficient infrastructure
  • Sustainable waste and compost management
  • Connected cycleways and walkways, more parks and a clean natural environment


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